Important message due to precautions for COVID-19:
By making an appointment, you confirm that for the past 14 days, neither you nor any member of your household:
- Has had any cold-like symptoms
- Been exposed to individuals with COVID-19 positive test results.

If you have traveled outside of Florida in the past 14 days, please contact us for further clarification and instructions for your appointment. Our contact information is below.

COVID-19 is a very serious illness. If you are untruthful about any of the above, you will be endangering the lives of many other women who will be using our facility.

** All Mikvah preparations must be done at home. No baths or showers may be used at the Mikvah. Please bring your own freshly laundered towel/robe to use. We will not provide towels. Only credit card payments are accepted.
Contact us with any questions:
Voicemail: (561) 394-5854
Text: (646) 404-4414
Text: (860) 995-9595

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Once you arrive in the parking lot on your appointment date, please text your Shomeret letting her know that you are in your car waiting. You should have received a text from your Shomeret that day, please use her cell number to be in direct contact with her.

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