Shower appointments: Please prepare at home. At the mikvah, rinse your hair and body in the shower, comb your hair again, and check yourself in the full-length mirror.

Bath appointments: You may use the room for 60 minutes to do your full preparation.

Important message due to precautions for COVID-19:
By making an appointment, you confirm that you have read this policy.

If you had Covid, you must have no symptoms AND a negative Covid test or 5 days of quarantine. Please choose the last appointment and include a note to alert the attendant.

Contact us with any questions:
Voicemail: (561) 394-5854
Text: (646) 404-4414
Text: (860) 995-9595

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On the day of your appointment, you should receive a text from your Shomeret that day. Please use her cell number to be in direct contact with her if needed.

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